Business Etiquette: Business Image & Outfit

Classic business dress has clear and easy-to-learn rules. Do you know them? This seminar teaches not only this, but shows you how to look proper and professional, even in informal business settings without a suit and tie requirement. 



  • The perfect appearance day after day
  • Dress codes and unwritten rules in different fields
  • Proper business dress for the 21st century
  • Your total appearance: suitable to role, occasion, and those present
  • Golden rules of attire for women and men
  • Image and outfit: dress for professional and friendly effect
  • Clothing crimes – who would have known?
  • Suitcase packing for business trips
  • Collars, ties, and buttons: details for men
  • Skirts, rings, and rouge: details for women
  • Open and hidden dress codes for events 

No public seminars – only company events.