Business Etiquette

Self-assuredness through certainty in social manners and the knowledge of when to apply specific rules and when to break them: you can learn this here.


  • First impression: Current findings from opinion polling and science
  • Nonverbal messages from clothes and conduct
  • Modern courtesy’s unwritten rules of conduct
  • Living authentically with style and etiquette in everyday life
  • Current etiquette: what is passé and what still applies?
  • Giving attention and showing appreciation
  • Greetings, welcomings, forms of address, titles, and introductions in different situations
  • Exchanging business cards
  • Rank and order of greetings, speeches, seating arrangements
  • Lady and gentleman – woman and man: the rules of the etiquette game at work
  • Etiquette for receiving and tending to visitors
  • Representing the company at corporate functions
  • Offering sympathies, congratulating, thanking: important client care
  • Etiquette rules for email, letters, telephone, and smartphone

My seminars, lectures, and workshops on etiquette, good manners, and public conduct take place exclusively as custom designed trainings.

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