The Trainer – Nandine Meyden


I was born in Munich, have lived abroad, and now work and live in Berlin.

As communication trainer I offer all events in German and in English.

Emphases are in: business etiquette, international social manners, small talk, diplomatic communication, witty repartee, and dealing with difficult situations.


During the course of my over-twenty-year career as a trainer I have:

  • Led more than 1,800 successful seminars
  • Conducted fully 500 individual coaching sessions
  • Given about 500 lectures


"...has the answer for every question,” wrote das  Handelsblatt.

For eight years I was the expert Mondays on the live television program “Caution: Faux Pas.”



  • Numerous individual seminars covering methodology and theory
  • Intensive training in body language and group dynamics
  • Training as systemic coach
  • Full year course in applied theater 
  • NLP practitioner, master, trainer (DVNLP, Society of NLP)
  • Training as management trainer - MA studies in anthropology and linguistics
  • German educator training 

Cross-cultural Experience:

  • Work as coach in a cross-cultural women’s health project
  • Field research: Morocco (six trips), Mexico (two months), Israel (Film project)
  • Language study trips: Egypt, South Africa, Turkey
  • Studies and seminars abroad: China (two times), Hungary (five times), Poland, Italy (two times), USSR, Austria (three times), Switzerland, Netherlands (25 times) 
  • Personal study trips: Tunisia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, Suriname, England, Gambia, Lithuania, India 
  • Lived two-years in the Netherlands


Since March 2013 online courses on